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WhatsApp Pro group is for benefits like

We are posting only 40% in free groups

Get 100% job posts in Pro Groups

  • Industrial Guide Pro application
  • Industrial Notes
  • Personal assistance
  • Engineering Books
  • Direct Job Alert
How to Join?

If you want to join our services then you have to pay

700 Rs for 12 months

1300 Rs for 24 months

This is minimum supporting amount to encourage us to serve you better

We can not post all jobs due to time shortage

When you paid send me screenshot of payment details at 9724369097  ( If not interested don't message/call ) 

Payment methods


Google Pay

WhatsApp pay

Read rules of group carefully then pay

1. You have to save screenshot
2. We not giving job surety in any case.

How to use Industrial Guide Pro app?

This Android application is made for Pro persons

It contains
  • Industrial Guide Blogs 
  • Books
  • Notes
  • Contact details of Top Companies (Upload soon)

How to use this Application?

You have to submit your Gmail id for synchronization 

Gmail id looks like @gmail.com

You will receive Invitation for use this app. After accepting invitation you can access this till your subscription validity.


Why we charge this minimum support amount?

After serving for a long time we posted free of cost in too much group

Time to time we demotivated due to non profit work but we know complicated procedure to reach your job destinations, finding contacts of Chemical companies, How to crack interviews?,

It needs Human effort, Time, Resources like Computers, Internet connection, Paid subscriptions

We found that to serve better with boosting needs to remove no profits is barrier so we started minimum charge to serve Job notifications, Interview Question bank, Companies Data collection books notes walk in interview notifications etc

Naitik Patel

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